Clerk Gipson speaks at the George Floyd Memorial


Clerk Temiika D. Gipson

Vision * Leadership * Experience


Temiika D. Gipson is and has always been devoted to the citizens of Shelby County. With nearly 30 years of experience in court operations, she has been dedicated to serving judges, attorneys, litigants and is deeply rooted in our courts' system. As the current first woman and African American Circuit Court Clerk, she leads an incredible team of committed professionals. Temiika is immensely committed to helping people have the best experience when visiting the Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. Invest in leadership you can trust. Your gifts lead us forward in maintaining excellent leadership for Shelby County Government
Re-Elect Temiika D. Gipson Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk.



Clerk Temiika D. Gipson is truly passionate about being recognized as a world-class servant leader in administration, leadership development, empowering employees while providing excellent customer service.


Clerk Gipson is proud to push for excellence throughout the Shelby County Circuit Courts. She is committed to embracing diversity, building relationships, celebrating achievements, and developing Leaders. 



Cleark Gipson has nearly 30 years of clerk's office & court operations experience, is a Community Leader and Author, Ordained Minister, and has earned a Bachelor's of Ministry Degree as well as several leadership certifications.


Awards & Recognitions
Clerk Temiika D. Gipson

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Shelby County Government United Way Giving Program

 Clerk Gipson was appointed by Shelby County  Mayor Lee Harris in 2019 to serve as Shelby County Government’s Chairwoman for the United Way “Driving the Dream” Giving Campaign.

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